Le Pavé Parisien

Which connected speaker to choose? There are thousands of nomadic speakers, but if you had to choose one? It should be a speaker with a good sound quality, with enough power to make us vibrate, resistant, easily fixable, and especially with a limited environmental impact. Le Pavé Parisien is the connected and nomadic concrete speaker that answers all these questions! This speaker offers a good sound in a design and eco-friendly object. Who would have imagined that it would be possible to manufacture nomadic concrete speakers? Thanks to ultra high performance concrete, this speaker delivers a powerful and precise sound. In addition, its design allows it to be durable, easily fixable and recyclable. Concrete escapes to construction and becomes an effective alternative to plastic and wood.


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The company

The Concrete Family

The Concrete Family is a French concrete audio speaker company. In May 2018 they launched Le Pavé Parisien, a nomad concrete speaker that was both powerful, qualitative and sustainable. The company wants to raise a double challenge: to produce a speaker with a high sound quality thanks to the concrete material, while proposing a durable and repairable product in order to limit its impact on the environment.