4-Mation is the worlds first 3D Zoetrope kit. Zoetropes are a Victorian invention that gave moving pictures before film, they are the original GIFs. 3D Zoetropes take it to another level, animating solid 3D objects instead of paper cartoons; it literally looks like magic.

4-Mation is also the worlds first interactive 3D Zoetrope. Use the 4-Mation App to bend its magic to your will. Slow it down until you can see individual strobes. Change the strobe colour to any combination of Red/Green/Blue, turn them off while the carousel is still spinning and see the character models turn into a shapeless blur, then turn them back on, instantly bringing the animation back to life.

An opportunity to decode the science and math of how it works, and turn wonder into understanding.


The company


N7Tech was started by Kevin Holmes in 2004 as a software consultancy company building enterprise websites. Many years ago,  corporate software environment was no outlet for boundless creativity and N7tech started working on his back-catalogue of product ideas. 4-Mation is the first product of this repositioning.