Holon is an auditory mixed reality app for iOS that uses functional feedback to create synth music from your movements and the world around you. Use it for active commuting - or almost any sport you can think of - Holon adapts seamlessly to your activity and context. Holon.ist is a mobile music platform, which we used to build Holon. Holon.ist allows advanced users to create their own musical mappings for live events and real-world locations. It outputs processed or raw sensor data to MIDI or OSC and features multiuser support based on Ableton Link. External sensors, such as Suunto Movesense or Apple Watch, can be used to control hardware and software instruments. Holon is the beginning of a massively multi-performer social music system. Holoni.ist redefines live music of the 2020s today.



The company

Holonic Systems

At Holonic Systems, we develop adaptive music applications for both B2C and B2B customers and research musical interactions with a particular interest in biological and physical interfaces. We hear a new world of sound beyond charts, genres and fandom, because the future of music is participatory, contextual and embodied.