Workshop Bluetooth Boombox

The Relab proposes a workshop to make a real maker out of you! Come and build your bluetooth speaker ! You know nothing about electronics, welding or DIY? Relax ! We’ve got everything planned for you, so that in an hour you can take your custom built speaker back home! You’ll learn how it works in a relaxed atmosphere, and it's free ! Register now, we have a limited number of spots available !

(15 years old minimum)



The company

idcampus / RElab

Idcampus / Relab is a non-profit association active in innovation and creativity fieds, as well as in the idea pretotyping and prototyping. Thanks to its lab, the relab allows it’s users to get trained, understand and use new digital technologies. The Relab is a creativity net to, where you have to touch and work the material to be creative and innovative.
The Relab is the last step of a creative process established by IDcampus but it also is the first step towards an industrial production.
As I final word, I would say that the only limit of Relab is your creativity.