Amusing is a geometric based mobile app for music creation. This app offers a new interface allowing to quickly and intuitively make music.

Each geometric shape is associated with a rhythm and a sound sample modifiable by playing with the shape. Add several shapes to make complex rhythm and combine them to create music chords.

Due to its light interface and the ability to import samples, the app can easily be used by beginners as well as experienced musicians.


The company


IRISIB Asbl is a research center approved by the Service Public Fédéral Finances and the Service Public Fédéral Programmation de la Politique Scientifique and associated with the HE2B (Haute Ecole Brabant Bruxelles) and more precisely with the HE2B technical department ISIB (Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles) which trains Masters students in the field of industrial engineering. 

The missions of the research center are mainly research and long-life learning in various fields, such as: mechanics, computer science, electronics, electricity, chemistry and nuclear physics.

More specifically, IRISIB has set up since 2015 the Research Laboratory in the fields of Arts and Sciences (LARAS), a research unit focusing on combining the rigor of scientific research and engineering studies with the creativity of artists.