Microspir is a first spin-off project hosted at the University of Liège. Microspir develops and markets a self-directed photobioreactor for the cultivation and the daily harvesting of fresh spirulina. The spirulina is a highly nutritive superfood. It is not just for vegeterians, but also performing people, senior citizens or simply families looking for a healthy and sustainable food. The spirulina contains high levels of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

With its first product named the SpirhOme, Microspir lets each of us have access at home to the high benefits of the fresh spirulina. An algae culture that we watch growing, a gentle light, few nutrients, and the SpirhOme does the rest automatically. “Produce today the healthy food of tomorrow!”


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The company


The Microspir project is an FSO project of the ULiège funded by the SPW-DGO6. Initially composed of three PhD biologists (Gersande Blanchard, François Darchambeau and Bruno Delille), the Microspir team recently complements its expertises by Robin Crunenberg’s talent (pharmacist and MBA), Business Developer. Together, the managers of the future company Microspir aim at its commercial development in a spirit of sustainability and quality.