Inner Garden

Need a moment of deep and intense relaxation ? The Inner Garden is waiting for you !

We designed Inner Garden as a device enabling a shared experience between people with cognitive impairments such as ASD, TDAH or dementia, and their professional carers and relatives. Inner Garden provides a beautiful and unique way of expressing our inner states. For example a breathing belt can be used to capture breathing patterns and map them on the sea motion in the landscape: users will share the way they feel, whether they are anxious, afraid or angry, happy or calm.

The relaxation and sensory stimulation techniques are designed to enhance the cognitive availability of the Inner Garden users. They are becoming more receptive and are more involved, not only in their therapy but also in their daily life. It is our strong belief that Inner Garden will benefit its users by drastically increasing their quality of life and above all the quality of their interactions with their carers and relatives. Undoubtedly, Inner Garden fosters a sense of community between everyone involved in the care process.

In addition to this, Inner Garden is for everyone a unique and innovative mean to promote mindfulness, meditation and contemplation in a playful and poetic way, and most of all as a collective and shared experience.



The company


Ullo is a young start-up born in 2016 in La Rochelle, France, from the collaboration between two passionate about robotics, computer science and neurosciences. 

Ullo combines science and technology for wellness through the principle of sensory biofeedback. This principle makes it possible to develop new therapeutic approaches for taking care of cognitive disorders. Sensory biofeedback allows the patient to become aware of his physiological processes (his breathing, his heart rate), so that he can learn to regulate them and thus reduce his cognitive disorders in order to improve his health.