FrameALIVE, Bring your pictures to life! It's time to engage with striking mobile experience and share the magic! This solution creates new possibilities for photo products, publishing, and even more. The FrameALIVE experience two fold: [1] Create content and [2] Watch content.

[1]Create content : You can create a FrameALIVE through our App or Web platform. Intuitive and easy to use interfaces.

[2]Watch content: Opening the App the magic happens by simply scanning the printed image to instantly play the video. Connect printed images with videos and relive your favorites moments at anytime. Easy to access and watch in your mobile.


The company


FrameALIVE is a start-up active in the audiovisual sector. 
We let you connect any printed image with a digital video. 
Our target is to simplify and democratize the user-experience of augmented reality leveraging image recognition and linking images with video content.
In a few seconds, anyone can create static-to-dynamic content and share it through printed products. 
Whether it's a special moment in life (B2C) or a new content that convert into new opportunities(B2B). We offer different solutions, always through a lean and customer-friendly approach. 
No outsourcing, no technological capabilities requested. You hold your keys!