Line-us is an internet connected drawing robot. It's small, portable and draws with a nice wobbly line using a real pen on paper. The free app lets you draw, send messages, share sketchbooks or enjoy collecting artworks from others.



The company


Line-us is a new small London company, just two people Durrell Bishop and Rob Poll who have designed, developed and manufactured this unusual product, a small nicely-designed, internet connected robot drawing arm. It is born out of our curiosity and passion for creative tools mixed with playful technology. It has taken 2 years to develop and manufacture. 

Line-us had a phenomenally successful kickstarter where we limited it to just 1000 machines and achieved this in under 2 days. We are now about to release a new app where you can see and follow what others people are drawing.

One aim is to creates a community of shared drawings another is for Line-us to follow published sketchbooks from anyone around the world. It is also fun to play with Line-us at home, being creative with a drawing robot. We have had it making games, icing biscuits, doing red/green 3D drawings and attached it to ‘Scratch’ to teach coding.