Justine Bougerol

The installations of visual artist Justine Bougerol tell stories about the spaces and memories associated with the childhood home. In her works, lived experiences face the unconscious; dreams mingle with reality and the seen with the invisible. Memories are a recurring theme which the artist processes through the creation of dreamlike internal landscapes. Nostalgia rubs shoulders with the absurdity and oddness characteristic of our remembered places, transformed by our own subjectivity. Matter in the form of water, earth, fire and vegetation plays a major role in creating these spaces.

Justine Bougerol places spectators in front of her installations with a singular perspective, leaving them free to interpret what they see through the lens of their own experience.



And Beyond

Justine Bougerol is inspired by Belgian surrealism to design this new installation in situ, where the content merges with the container, where the outside invites itself into the inside to create a mise en abyme and lead the spectator to discover what it is beyond our reality. 
The essence of his work is to question and manipulate real and familiar space by integrating an unresolved ambiguity, leaving the viewer free to interpret what he sees according to his own experience. While the artist's starting point is in what constitutes our own reality, Justine Bougerol creates other spaces, captured by the imagination, where a process of fragmentation, optical illusion and manipulation of perspectives takes place.