Graham McDonnell

As an award-winning Creative with over fifteen years in the industry, Graham specialise in crafting immersive visual stories for brands. A little over three years ago, he joined The New York Times to expand their branded content studio to an international audience. The studio began as a small team of four and now boast 25+ staff across offices in London, Paris and Hong Kong. He has lectured for design schools across the world and has also participated as judge for The World Media Awards.


Putting the 'Story' into Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. It’s built into our DNA. From cave paintings to hieroglyphics, it’s a vital tool for us as humans to pass on information, lessons, etc. to others. So why does a vast amount of digital content overlook the basic rules of effective storytelling? Graham will examine various ways of applying simple storytelling techniques and how this approach taps into the genetic makeup of human attention spans.