Annick Bureaud

Annick Bureaud is an art critic, exhibition curator, writer and event organiser in the fields of art and techno-sciences. She is the director of OLATS, the Leonardo Observatory for the Arts and Techno-Sciences, an inter-disciplinary institution bringing together researchers, students, artists, scientists and intellectuals. She has published many articles and contributes to the contemporary art review, "artpress". Multi-faceted, she also organises colloquia, seminars and workshops. She has likewise contributed to several European projects including "Trust me, I’m an Artist", about the ethical issues raised by artistic activity in the area of biomedicine.

Art and Non Human. The Imaginary of Resilience

In the 1980s, the French artist and theorist Louis Bec proposed the notion of “technozoosystemic” to name the co-evolution between living and non-living, human and non-human, developing in particular a reflection and creation around artificial life (robotics and virtual), biotechnologies and non-human living.

Forty-one years and an ecological disaster later, but also in the face of utopias and fears conveyed by artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, we will use this concept to discuss current creation in an approach that we call imaginary resilience.