The APEX - VR Paraglider provides its users with the ability to fly a virtual paraglider. Take off stunning mountains, ride thermal updrafts and soar with the birds as you pilot your wing through the air. Step into your real paragliding harness, take control and experience freedom through flight. 360 visuals, surround sound and simulated wind will send you exploring virtual landscapes.

The APEX simulator conveys the fun of paragliding while providing realistic flight behaviour. This truthful and accessible simulation provides a fabulous educational platform to learn how a paraglider is flown. Learn how to take off, detect opportunities, assess risk, and improve your flight abilities while enjoying the ride.


The company


I.C.E.B.E.R.G is a creative studio and laboratory. We take virtual reality to the next level and broaden its horizons for innovative experience to hatch and evolve in our design cells. Our studio focuses on the design of emotions and sensations inducing experiences. Beyond innovation we are in constant search of ultimate immersive trip for our partners to broadcast.

Innovating to overcome virtual frontiers.