Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald is an artist working with code. He creates interactive and immersive audiovisual installations, performances, and new tools for creative exploration. He uses techniques from computer vision, machine learning, networking, and computing to create unusual experiences.


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Computer Vision for Interactive Art

"Computer Vision" refers to a broad collection of techniques that allow computers to make intelligent assertions about what's going on in digital images and video. Sometimes this means understanding the difference between an image of someone smiling and frowning, or something as low level as whether there is motion in front of a camera. Participants will be introduced to a brief history of computer vision and its relationship to media arts, but most of the time will be spent learning how to work with computer vision frameworks for JavaScript: jsfeat for pixel manipulation, optical flow and object detection, clmtrackr for understanding faces, and proprietary APIs for image recognition. To get the most out of this workshop, you should have at least one month of experience programming JavaScript, or one year with another text-based programming language. But if you have less experience programming you are also welcome to join, and the class will be adapted to the experience of the attendees. Attendees should bring a laptop with a webcam and Chrome installed.


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