Scenocosme brings together Gregory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt. Their unique creations take shape through various expressions — interactive installations, plastic art, digital art, sound art, collective performances... By distilling digital technology, they bring out the essences of dreams and poetry, thus using the living, sensitive and even fragile part of it. Plastic artists, they use various technologies to create contemporary works of art. They develop the notion of interactivity, by which the work exists and evolves through the physical and social relationships of the spectators. They carry out amazing hybridizations between technologies and living or natural elements (plants, humans, water, wood, stones...) Most of their interactive works perceive various invisible relationships between bodies and the environment. They make sensitive the minute energetic variations of living beings by offering interactive scenarios where spectators share extraordinary sensory experiences. Their works are presented in many museums, contemporary art centres and digital art festivals around the world.



Phonofolium is an interactive work presenting a bush that reacts to the slightest human electrostatic contact with sounds. When a person caresses the bush, it starts to sing according to the proximity of the contact. Scenocosme works on possible hybridizations between plants and digital technology. Plants are natural and living sensors, sensitive to various energy flows from our bodies or from the environment where they are exposed. By mixing reality and imagination, the artists offer a sensory experience that questions our invisible energy relationships with living beings.


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