Erik Nerinckx

Erik Nerinckx lives and works in Huldenberg, Belgium. He is evolving in his research into attracting attention towards the world of material and in doing so, turning this world of the ever-changing into a tangible experience. He is poking about exact those things that often disappear in the margins and folds of everyday life. He is showing with insistence and in a narratic, poetic way the small, subtle, transient, volatile things by translating them into experiencable moments.



Thalassa ! Thalassa !

The sea - are there experiences more enveloping, more intense and more complete than a walk on a beach near the water? Erik Nerinckx wants to represent the sea – that immense, fierce force of nature – as an experience. From a distance it comes to us as a massive wall of sound, an overwhelming murmur, an abstract flow of sound. But near the sea, it sounds different, more subtle, more varied. The artist retranslated this total experience into a sound installation of a decontextualized sea that unexpectedly rolls into someone's increased attention.
Nerinckx recorded smashing waves on the beach. On a coastline of twenty-three metres he placed one microphone every one and a half metre, on a long straight line. This means we have our ears on sixteen different places at once. There is not one single position from which we are listening, there are sixteen points. A David Hockney of sound. A spatialized recording.
For the installation the sixteen audio points are placed back on a long line by way of sixteen speakers. The spectator gets an immense true to nature aural reconstruction of a coastline. A true evocation.