RYBN.ORG is a Paris-based collective founded in 1999. The collective follows an extra-disciplinary investigation methodology on the functioning of complex and esoteric phenomena and systems - high frequency trading algorithms, architecture of the offshore economy, structure of the financial markets, hermeneutics of Kabbalah, digital labor and human computers, communication network management protocols, computer viruses. RYBN.ORG's works have been exhibited in many art centres and festivals.


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Ontological study of algorithms

Since algorithms seem to impose themselves in the great interspecies equation, we should ask ourselves what is their way of life, their being in the world. We propose to explore the logics, ways of thinking and myths underlying this algorithmic ontology through examples taken from various works of the RYBN.ORG collective. With, in particular, the observation of high-frequency trading financial algorithms (via the latest work in the Antidatamining series), their influence, their power on the markets, the underlying rational logic, their aggressive and often erratic behaviour, but also the highly esoteric dimension of their "being"; It will also be a question of algorithmic psyche, with what the "Dataghost" series reveals in its ghost hunting enterprise that haunts the programs and flows of the network. Finally, based on the study of human computers and digital labor (and artificial artificial intelligence) (Zugzwang project), the aim will be to adopt the point of view of artificial intelligences to observe and attempt to redefine the human (and by extension the living) through them. With this perspective we will rethink in terms of balance and autonomy the non-human/human relationship, where the non-human is singled out by technical objects.