The Speaker

Xandra van der Eijk is a research, bioart & contextual design. Through many experiments and thorough theoretical research these processes develop in conceptual works with a strong visual component. She documents and describes, but never fails to allow space for poetry.  She is an active member of design collective Dutch Invertuals and curator at RAUM Utrecht.



Re-Interpreting the landscape

What would happen if we would look at the landscape unprejudiced? Without judging ourselves as a species and the processes that result from us being on the planet? What if we would think and talk about change being inevitable, and perceive our influence on life and the planet as an equal part of the ecosystem? In the past years, I have been artistically researching ecosystems and earth processes, in an effort to feel and comprehend the tension of being part of the human race, while having the utmost respect for our place in time and space. I have never felt the distinction between nature and human, and my projects explore how we are just another species amongst many. Within this talk, I will guide you through a selection of my work, including the concepts and theories behind them. 


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