LoopField is a mobile application innovating in sound creation, the perfect tool for music producers interested in sonic experimentation. It allows users to make groovy or experimental loops out of original sounds caught on the fly in his surroundings.

LoopFiled generates loops automatically based on field recording coupled with granular efects. Each loop is played a few times and then replaced by a new one. When satisfied with one loop, the user can export the sound to incorporate it into a larger musical project.

To get a sense of what the loop will sound like when immersed in a track, Loopfield contains a sample player that can play a beat continuously in background, synchronised to the loop being recorded.


The company

Reflow Studio

Reflow Studio is a Belgian studio founded in 2018 by Quentin Houben, an experienced music-tech developer. Reflow studio aims at the creation of music tools and mobile applications exploring new workflows in musical production.

LoopField is the first product of a series of applications on mobile and desktop platforms proposing an innovative approach of music creation.