Monochrome creates realtime Virtual Reality experiences for brands and art industries. They are a 3D studio based in Paris. They also say they believe in style and knowledge. Born from the digital agency ultranoir, Monochrome has been created in November 2016 in Paris by Axel Aubert, Guillaume Nicollet and JB Grasset. They are a design studio mainly working on 3D Realtime experiences in Virtual Reality, but they also produce 3D artworks, motion design for specific sectors: arts, culture and luxury.



Virtual Reality, a new space for digital creation ?

Monochrome is a virtual arts factory working on VR real time experiences for brands and art industries for two years now. Coming from digital design (websites, apps), they will explain how they reinvented themselves and the processes of creation in VR. Their belief is that VR is a new way of storytelling for brand and a new medium for art. Though concrete examples tested by more than 5000 people, they will tell the pros and cons of this new medium, the creative process of their best projects and the feedbacks from users and brands.