Luce Moreau

Luce Moreau is a photographer and a visual artist who lives in Marseille. She is the co-founder of OTTO-Prod collective and has been working since 2006 on curatorial projects and artists' residencies, while developing her artistic research. 
Different periods of artistic residency in exceptional situations (Observatory of Haute Provence - CNRS, Friuli Islands, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Colombia with beekeepers or within a nanotechnology company in Geneva) led Luce to very specific achievements and allowed her to deepen her plastic questions on a daily basis, both by empiricism and by reflection and observation. Her recent artistic concerns, however, have moved beyond the realm of light and space to embark on a long-term project alongside living things; the sensitive observation of natural phenomena and the experimental aspect of his approach remain.



The Palaces

In contrast to the undeniable "natural order of things", "Ordered Nature" questions the reversive relationship between human society and animal organizations; the ascendancy of one over the other, but also the interpenetration of their systems and behaviours, whose common goal is survival. Chimeric modules, spatial conquest, the Palais Sociétaire, entomology, mimicry, utopian architecture, geometry, political system, camouflage, and archaeology constitute a vast and undefined set of my various approaches to the subject.
In her lecture, Luce Moreau will talk about the three years of artistic research and meetings with beekeepers and specialists around this theme; chronological follow-up of the process of developing sculptures with (or without) insects, attempts and questions, at the current pace of nature.