Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox works across the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create innovative, thought provoking and surprising objects. His work includes the world's first GPS shoes, a stained-glass driver-less sleeper car of the future, and tiny sculptures balanced on the hands of watches. Brands such as BMW, Paul Smith and Nike have commissioned Dominic to use his uniquely creative view on the world to create drawings and objects that delight and inspire the imagination. He is now on a mission to inspire children across the world to become the creative thinkers and inventors of the future with his Little Inventors project.

Reinventing Normal

This is a fast paced talk packed with ideas, drawings and objects I've made over the years. I will speak about my creative journey from a young boy making model airplanes in my bedroom to later in life making stained glass driverless cars and GPS shoes. I want to share the various methods I use to find good ideas through improvisation, observing things closely and breaking through the inevitable creative block we all can experience. I will also talk about the Little Inventors project I've been doing for 3 years that turns children's ideas into real things and show how we can learn from the creative approach of young people.