Adrien Segal

Adrien Segal is an artist based in Oakland, Canada. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is published in several books, including Data Flow 2 and 500 Tables. She has been an artist in residence in many places, including the Bunnell Art Center in Alaska, at Facebook's Headquarters, and at the Pier 9 Workshop. Adrien has also been a visiting artist at Washington University and at California College of the Arts, where she holds a degree in Furniture Design. In addition to teaching, she pursues her creative practice out of her studio on the former Naval Base in Alameda, Canada.



The Art Beyond Reason

Scientific conventions are founded on the belief that we must systematically eliminate emotional involvement in order to uncover truths about the natural world. Adrien’s work seeks to reframe the scientific lens through sculpture to make information accessible as a sensory, physical, and emotive experience. Taking an interdisciplinary approach that integrates scientific research, data visualization, history, landscape, and materiality, Adrien’s work uses scientific data as a conceptual resource to reveal trends, patterns, and changes in the landscape that happen over time. Adrien will share her work and creative process, and will discuss ideas about objectivity, quantification, data, intuitive knowledge, and what lies beyond reason.Scientific con